Afraid of dying, walking meditation, hearing phrases

June 22, 2008

Email to a friend:

I had an interesting discussion w/ a friend of mine a few days ago. We've been talking about all sorts of spiritual things, and on Thursday he said something like "I'd like to think that I'm noble enough to pursue all these things because I'm interested in a happier life, but the truth is I'm afraid of dying." After a while we decided that maybe when he gets one answer he'll really get both.

I don't know why people become more spiritual, but I imagine fear of death is probably a big reason.

Besides waxing philosophical I've been doing a little walking meditation lately. It's a nice break from sitting, and helps to calm my mind. No real progress to report though.

One weird thing is that when my mind gets really quiet thoughts jump out, and they are like sentences that come to me all at once, but they aren't my sentences, if that makes any sense. (I have no doubt that when people talk about me the phrase "psychotic break" is going to be used.)

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