Recalling one location while in another dream

June 25, 2008

During a new dream this morning I had the opportunity to try to learn more about a recurring dream that has been with me for at least the last 5-10 years. This morning's new dream involved me being at some type of retreat/class, where I was eventually joined by my wife, a friend, and his former wife.

At some point in the dream after my wife showed up, I decided that I would ask her about a place in my other recurring dream. This recurring dream takes place a Zen retreat center that in my dream life I believe is somewhere in Florida. I've never been to this place in my normal, waking life, but in my dream life it is very real to me. Dream-wise I've been there several times, but not recently.

So for some reason during the dream this morning I asked my wife if she could tell me if she remembered it, and if so, where it was, but she couldn't help. During this process I vividly remembered a main room in the facility where I would sit with other people while we talked about things like the Dharma and the Sutras, so it was cool to remember those things while in the dream state. There are several things and places in the dream state that are as real to me as the computer I'm typing this on, and this facility is one of those places.

Other notes: I don't know what might have brought on this dream, but here's what I know:

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