"We told you not to do that any more"

July 3, 2008

I used to have dreams of flying all the time when I was younger, but I haven't had one that I can recall in the last two years.

The last one I had involved me watching a tennis player that struck me as being Martina Hingis. Thinking that she was a pretty girl and that I wanted to impress her, I said something like "Hey, watch this", and then I tried to fly.

Instantly the entire scene was wiped away, and my surroundings went pitch black. The environment reminded me a lot of the holodeck on Star Trek, the Next Generation, when the magic scenery goes away and the only thing left is a dark room with grids on the walls, except I didn't have any grids (or walls).

At this point I heard a mildly angry voice that said "We told you not to do that any more". Suddenly I remembered that "they" were right, as I recalled a previous dream where I had been told not to fly any more.

As dreams go this one wasn't entirely lucid, but was very vivid, very real, and I was generally able to make my own decisions, like deciding to fly.

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