Starbucks survey

July 6, 2008

After visiting a Starbucks store today I got an extra long receipt. The long receipt said they had a survey going online, and since I have something to say about their store I decided to take their survey. Unfortunately their survey was all multiple choice questions, some about their products, one about "value", but mostly about their employees. And their was no space for comments.

The problem with a multiple choice survey like this is that if you don't ask the right questions you won't get the answers you need, so Starbucks, let me help you out. Here are two questions you need to ask about my local store:

Question #1: "Are our tables and chairs uncomfortable to sit at, especially if you want to use a laptop for more than five minutes?" Answer: Yes.

Question #2: "Is our store warm and muggy (humid) in the afternoon, making you wish you were over at the cooler Panera Bread?" Answer: Yes.

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