A man infatuated with a young girl

July 28, 2008

Dreamed of a man who has an infatuation with a young girl who works at KFC. She can't be more than 16. Something about Matt or Wayne ... I think that's the name of her boyfriend.

This guy has a real infatuation for her. When he goes to KFC to order dinner for him and his son ... there might be more than one son ... when he waits in line he gets to overhear other people's conversations.

I think the father is waiting in this long line to wait to order from this girl, and then his son comes in (or maybe vice-versa) ... it becomes obvious that this girl has a boyfriend, and there's this confusion ... this father and her boyfriend have the same name.

This comes after watching a movie named Canvas last night, where the mother is schizophrenic, and the father is played by a bad guy from the first Matrix movie.

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