Dad driving around construction site

July 29, 2008

The other dream tonight, and right now it's about 4:25 a.m. on Tuesday, July 29th ...

I'm driving down the road, or I should say my dad is driving, and I'm a passenger in the car. And he keeps driving down this same road, or one or two roads, that are around this new building that's being constructed. It's a small area, a relatively small building.

But every time he keeps driving by, first he keeps driving on this road that's on the left side of this building, and then this last time he's driving by the right side of it. We can see people doing things, and then this last time as we're driving by, there's this ball or something that comes out into the street, and these two oriental people come running out and at first I don't think he sees them, he's too busy looking around.

He almost hits the oriental lady. The man stops, finally, but the woman just keeps coming out, so he has to hit the brakes, and then she's just standing in the road. As he goes around her to the left, she starts walking, right into the car again.

And I think finally they get through their confusion, without her getting run over, and we continue to drive down the road. For some reason people are applauding, I don't know if it's because he didn't run her over, or some other reason.

The construction on the building he's driving around reminds me of the previous dream where this organization has called, and asked for me to help get this software application out the door. Not only did I have that dream before (a recurring dream), but I seemed to have part of it again tonight.

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