Something like my actual work environment

August 5, 2008

Just want to note a recurring dream, something like a mirror of my current work situation. Two brothers, a large company, I'm working there ...

A very long dream that began with me, going down a hallway very fast, at the office ... I'm almost levitating, and going fast, and the mailroom lady got upset and raised a big commotion.

The hallway was all wrong, it was more like a "T" than a straight long hallway. When I was zipping down the hallway it was downhill, reminded me of a school. The mailroom lady gets upset, turns me in, and I get moved into something like an office in a corner of this open space, and my little work area is right next to the bathroom.

As I'm going over there, I've seen the inside of the bathroom, there's some type of being, and it's half human, and something that feeds on some form of oil. It stops me and says it wants to talk to me, it did, it asks me some questions, but I don't remember them ... then all of a sudden it stops, and something to do with the shape of a test tube, and the oil level on this thing goes down, and it can't talk to me any more, so I'm thinking well, I guess our conversation is over with. After I go away, it comes back to life, and then it's upset at me also.

After this craziness I end up in some kind of, hard to explain, some kind of room that's right off of a doorway, and the doorway leads out to the parking lot, and this seems like the doorway I normally go out of at work. But this is an unusual, like a storage area. There's a television there, and a friend (D) is there, and instead of going home, we watch a movie. I can't remember the movie because it's been a long time since the dream ... I'm just going to stop here, because I can't remember enough of these details, or what followed after that.

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