A plane with a bright wing

August 29, 2008

Yesterday morning I had a dream where I was looking out a glass window, which I assumed was a window in a tall building, like a skyscraper, and then an airplane (a large passenger plane, like a 737, 747, etc.) with one very bright wing came up from below me out of the clouds. As it came up from below, the plane (presumably the pilot) seemed to see the building and turn off to my right.

That plane was immediately followed by two more planes. The second one veered to my left, and the third seemed about to crash into the building when I thought of my own death and woke up. After waking I thought "Ok, what was that about?", but over time I forgot about it.

This morning I had to run some personal errands, and I didn't drive to work until around noon. On the way to work, as I drove south on the interstate, there was no traffic on the road in front of me. Just as the thought of "no traffic on the road" occurred to me, I relaxed and looked up at the sky, when a large passenger plane come down out of some light clouds. It was very low to the ground, getting ready to land, and its right wing was very bright, reflecting the light from the sun, which was high in the sky. The plane first appeared to be coming almost directly at me, then appeared to veer to the right as it went to land somewhere behind me.

I started laughing in the car because the perspective of this plane was identical to the first plane in my dream. It came almost directly at me from "below" with a shiny wing, then veered off to my right. Of course it didn't really veer to the right; it was just the combination of me driving 75 mph south as it was going a few hundred miles per hour to the north, and landing to the right, just behind me.

Personally, I thought this was extremely funny, and the dream seems to be related to this actual plane. I don't normally see any planes when I drive to work much earlier in the morning, and I certainly don't see the sunlight reflecting off any wings like that. And with me looking up into the sky, the plane appeared to come at me from below.

Go with your first impression

Going with the assumption that the first plane in my dream was related to the plane that I saw less than 12 hours later in the physical world, what were the next two planes in my dream about?

I've heard a theory from several other people that I think fits here: Your first impression is usually correct. To add to this, I'd say "Everything after your first impression may be colored by your pre-conceived notions."

In my case, I think my pre-conceived notions made me think "I must be looking out the window of a skyscraper. How else can I explain a plane coming up at me from below?"

Beyond this, what can I make of the second and third planes? My guess is that it goes back to the events of 9/11. When I didn't wake up right away after seeing the first plane, my brain had some free time, and said "Hey, you're looking out the window of a skyscraper, we have nothing else to do here, how about a couple more planes flying at you?" At that point the brain added a bunch of information to an event that was already complete.

Don't interpret, just report

I think this is a part of my practice I need to improve on greatly. I need to try not to interpret anything in my dreams, I just need to report them in a detached manner. Probably the best I could have done here would have been something like "I'm looking out through a window, and I'm pretty close to the window. The sky is partly cloudy, and a large airplane, something like a 747, comes out of the clouds. From my perspective it appears to be coming up at me. The right wing is very shiny. The plane veers off to my right."

That's probably the best I could have reported in this instance. Things like "skyscraper" are just added noise. I had no feeling of a skyscraper, but I added it in because I was trying to make sense of the situation and perspective.

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