I want to prove that astral projections are real

October 6, 2008

If I haven't mentioned it before, my primary interest in astral projection is in finding ways to verify that projections (out of body experiences) are real. The only way I know to do this is to find ways of testing projection experiences against targets in the known, physical world.

Robert Bruce and others have suggested a simple test for this that you can do on your own. Take a deck of cards, shuffle them thoroughly, then with your eyes closed, take a card from anywhere in the deck and place it on the top of your refrigerator or somewhere else you can't see it. Walk away from the card without looking at it, and then start your projection experiment. If you can project and then accurately see the card, congratulations, you have a successful test.

I've written here before that I was able to do this once, and it was a mind-blowing experience. Not only did I see the card currently on top of the refrigerator, but I saw a card that would be there 12 hours later in my next experiment, and another one that was there 24 hours later in the experiment after that. That sort of stuff sends cold chills up your spine, and it's also the sort of thing that we can use to get more scientists interested in exploring what we do so we can learn more and more about what is happening. That's my end game.

To me, anything other than this is almost impossible to verify, so (a) skeptics can have a field day poo-pooing what we do, and (b) you can never really know that what you're doing is anything more than an advanced lucid dream, entirely made up by the mind.

(Note: There is at least one way to perform tests in the astral planes, but it requires a partner. In short, agree to meet your partner "somewhere" in the astral world, and when you're in that world communicate a message to your partner. If that partner can then come back and verify that message here in the physical world, congratulations, you've verified some form of mind-to-mind communication, and that's also incredibly cool.)

I don't mean to poo-poo all the other accounts I read about astral projection and OBEs myself. I'm just stating that while those are a lot of fun, there's no way to prove that what happened was not made up by your brain, and I don't think you can get too caught up in them. I've read about a lot of OBE people who go off in this direction, and I think someone needs to stay closer to home to demonstrate that this stuff is (or is not) real.

I've had dozens of experiences where I experience some form of vibrations and an OBE starts, only to find my astral body being pulled through space, feeling like I'm being rushed at some tremendous speed to somewhere. This is cool, and I've trained myself to go along for the ride, as I can't seem to stop the ride or change its course. But in the end, unless there's something that occurs that I can validate, I personally just have to treat it as a form of entertainment.

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