Seeing future cards and the score of a game

October 20, 2008

In the last few days I did the thing again with a deck of cards, this time seeing two cards in an altered state, and over the course of the next 24 hours turned over two (and only two) cards that matched those that I saw in the altered state, a queen of hearts and the jack of diamonds. This was different than the last time though. In my first success I definitely had an OBE, went downstairs, looked at the cards on the refrigerator, and saw the three cards thought would appear in sequence in the future.

This time I was in an altered state, not having an OBE, but being very relaxed, and in something like a lucid dream state, when I kept asking myself "What is the card on the refrigerator right now?" I didn't see one card, but instead saw the queen, then a blur of cards I could not distinguish, then saw the jack. Neither of these were the current card, but I turned over the queen in my next test, and the jack in the test after that.

The night before Game 6 of the Red Sox versus Rays baseball game I also work up and "knew" something was 4-2,  though I had no idea if that was going to be the score of the game (it was), or who won, or whether it was going to involve the Rays winning the series four games to two.

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