A lucid dream with real physical sensations

October 27, 2008

Wow, the lucid dream I had at three o'clock this morning was the most incredible lucid dream I've had in at least a few months. Okay, yes, there was a sexual component to it, but more important was the reality of my "senses" within the dream. Here's the scene:

First, I'm sleeping soundly, when suddenly I "wake up" inside my dream. I'm still laying in my bed, everything else is just as it is in the physical world, when a woman walks up to the bed and asks if she can get in. I'm at the point mentally where I know this is a dream, so I say sure, come on in.

At that point she lets her shirt fall off, she turns around, and lays down on her back, with her head laying on my stomach. She takes my left arm and places it on her left bosom, and yes, the sensation is 100% absolutely, positively real. Her skin is soft -- I can feel it with my hand and fingers -- and her arm touching my arm is also as real as me typing on this keyboard. (Okay, I'm a guy, and I'm supposed to just be interested in the sex here, but I'm thinking, "Wow, this is a dream, I can't believe I can actually feel things and hear things like this.")

These sensations -- her voice, her look, and the look of the room, her skin -- are all what made this lucid dream so fantastic. There was absolutely no difference between those senses and the other senses I experienced today while at work (except of course for the whole sexual content, which work unfortunately doesn't provide).

All of this makes me think: What the heck are our senses anyway? If I can experience all these senses and simulate another person with this much reality in my dreams, wow ... my mind is just blown today.

(And for those interested in more sexual content, well, I actually fell back to sleep within my dream. Later, when I woke up into this physical reality I had to laugh that I could be so tired to fall asleep with a beautiful naked woman laying in bed with me. But then again, I was already asleep.)

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