"You're wasting your talent"

November 8, 2008

I had a dream this morning where a voice said "You've been given a special talent, and you're wasting it. Time is running out." With that, I immediately woke up.

I think the comment was in reference to me essentially being born with these OBE capabilities, but not being able to explore them because I've been working around the clock lately, and then having a few drinks each night to help me get to sleep. As a result, I don't have any energy left to try any OBE experiments.

I have to admit, I feel very conflicted about my work these days. Most days I enjoy my work, and I'm paid extremely well for what I do, but it always gets in the way of me exploring these OBE skills. Some days this doesn't bother me, but after a dream like that, I have to wonder if someone isn't telling me I'm doing the wrong thing, or if my subconscious isn't calling out and saying "You're doing the wrong thing."

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