"Silver cord" reference in the bible

November 9, 2008

I was really surprised today when I was talking to a friend today about astral projection and out of body experiences (OBEs), when he said that there was a reference in the bible to the famed "silver cord". Depending on which interpretation of the bible you go with, the phrase is something like this:

"Remember Him before the silver cord is broken"

Here's a URL that shows where this silver cord reference can be found in Ecclesiastes 12:6.

If you've never heard of the silver cord before, it's something that is discussed a lot in the astral projection literature. It seems to be a tether of some sort that connects the astral body to the physical body. I've probably experienced about 5-10 stomach cramps during OBE events, and I'm told that these are somehow related to this tether, or silver cord, but I really don't know anything more about them. I just know that every once in a while, when I'm laying down and I start to feel the vibrations, I will get a painful cramp in my stomach.

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