A friendly cow, a dog, and McDonalds

November 14, 2008

Also had some unusual dreams about a friendly cow. Kept coming up, and people would be petting on it. I can't remember who the guy was, that it would always come up to, like a cow that thought it was a pet.

There was also a blond-haired lab-like dog, I forget the name for that breed ... I had put some food in something like a stocking, and we're out in a van, and the dog had gotten into it, either got that stocking, or killed some type of animal there.

Kim was going from the van back to the house, and the dog, at first she wanted to check out what the dog was doing, and every time she made a move the dog got very aggressive.

Right before that I had come up to this house, there were a couple of kids, or young people, in an earlier dream, and this dream too. I was walking, and I came up to this house, and they were getting in their vehicles, it was like they were going up to McDonalds to get some burgers, but it was dark outside, it felt like early morning. They were going up there, but I decided to go up there too. They didn't give me a ride, I think I had to walk up there.

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