High school baseball coach

November 15, 2008

Half-way through the evening. I went to bed at 7:30 because I haven't had much sleep lately.

One of the dreams is about my high school baseball coach, and finally having a chance to go back and apologize to him for leaving the way I did. It was mixed up, like most dreams are. I went back and tried to pitch again, and had more physical problems.

But at least this time I decided to go over to his house and say something to him. He was surprised by me coming, and he asked why this was so important to me. I told him I probably just never expressed to him how important it was.

For some reason we ended up talking about some of the hardest throwers he had, and he mentioned one guy that was a year before me, and another that was a year behind me. I know those two, and he mentioned three others. I can't remember their names.

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