"Life must succeed!"

November 15, 2008

Originally, doing something with some sword masters, ancient Japanese guys, somehow that morphed into a different scene, like a college pep rally. A guy is trying to get everyone fired up ... "Life must succeed!" ... he's doing something with a sword, and some pounding.

I'm there with someone like my wife, and a friend named Jason. I really had to pee, so I got up, and walked past the speaker guy, but right before that Jason is really laying into this guy, shouting back even louder than that guy is shouting. So when I walk past the guy, I say "Don't worry about him, you're doing fine", even though I totally disagree with the guy.

In the bathroom I'm looking out through a window, and they're dragging Jason out. He's strapped down on a stretcher, and they're wheeling him out ... so I'm like, "Oh crap, I better go back out there", so I head back to, I guess it's like an apartment, but that's when I decide to get up (in the "real" world) and pee and get this over with.

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