Waving at a cop, buzzing in my ears

November 15, 2008

Just peed in the middle of the night, and coming back to bed ... had a dream about being some person, I can't remember what I could do, but right near the end, there was a cop watching me, and I was crossing the road, and I just kind of waved at him briefly with my right hand, raising my hand, and waving with my fingers. I feel like a young kid.

I walked across the road, but it's more like I jumped across the entire road, floated a lot. And there was something about the words "bequeath you" that were involved, but I can't remember what that was, or why I was acting so weird, but I've been acting weird for a little while there.

Something else ... I keep having this weird Star Trek-like thing, like a buzzing in my ears ... it's like having a mosquito or a fly that keeps going by (but it's a noise in my head) ... it reminds me of the Star Trek episode where some people are moving so much faster than the others, or maybe at a higher frequency, and all the slow people can hear is this buzzing sound ... it's like that.

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