A garage, and a strong woman

November 19, 2008

A semi-recurring dream, the area is familiar ... something to do with a parking garage ... I used to have this dream all the time about a parking garage. This garage is similar ... everything is related to planes.

I parked my vehicle, I'm going somewhere, and some lady, she's um, a little bit of a bruiser, and I have to take something from Point A to Point B. Like a large, curved pipe, almost like an "L" shape ... I was going to move it myself, and then this lady says "I'm going there too, maybe I can help you." Whatever it is, I don't think it's that heavy, I was going to do it myself, so we do it together, and then all of a sudden she takes it and makes it look like she's doing all the heavy work, and I think everyone is looking at me, like I'm not helping her.

And it was like "I'm helping her, I've got a lot of the load", and this lady, she looks like she's stronger, but she's just dying under this small load. So I thought she was faking it. I can't remember if I was really helping her a lot, or if she just wasn't letting me help her.

I remember having that sort of feeling, the feeling that she's showing off, or trying to make me look bad, one of those two ... more of the latter.

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