Float planes, water, and fish

November 19, 2008

Sleeping on the couch until now. My last dream ... just wanted to note that it had to do with float planes ... last part of the dream was like living in some kind of wet area, like Florida, and having a fleet of float planes. At first, I was with some family members, maybe my nephew, playing some games and watching some videos related to float planes, and all of a sudden the scenery becomes much more real.

There are some houses in this area, and they're all connected by water. Seems like there is water everywhere. You can land a float plane to get to the house, and take a float plane from one area to another.

In this second area there are a bunch of people eating, catching fish and selling it, having a fish ... restaurant type of thing, a whole bunch of people there eating it. And there is this one conversation, and everyone is looking behind me, and the impression is that someone has shown up, and we were selling the fish too cheap, and the person behind me is upset, and everyone is telling me to tell him he can just kiss my butt.

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