Cutting a hole in my head

November 21, 2008

Remembered another dream ... I'm with my wife, and I'm cutting my hair with my electric cutter, and I did something, an accident, and I cut a big hole in the hair in the back of my head.

It wasn't a lucid dream, but I remember that today was going to be Friday, so I decide to put some black shoe polish in that area where I cut the hole in my hair, and then I can just try to avoid people for most of the day, and then I can come back on Monday, and trim the rest of my hair so it will be more even.

So it's partly work-related, but while I was cutting it ... there was some discussion of politics and finance.

Follow-up: Had some emails with my brother-in-law, and found out that in this physical world he cuts his own hair, and recently had an accident and cut a chunk of hair out of his head.

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