Hours and hours of hell

November 21, 2008

A very long dream night last night .... hours and hours of hell, over and over again. I was in a two-layered dream, almost lucid enough in the higher layer that I could control things.

Middle of the night, between 11pm and 5am ... I keep going to this deepest layer, and I'm always being attacked one way or another ... at some point I realize it's a dream ... I think "Fine, fine, it's not safe down here."

So I get out of the lowest layer, and it's like coming out of the ground through a manhole cover onto a street. So when I get up to the street I look back through the manhole cover, the hole in the ground, and I think "fire ... I'm going to set you all on fire", and that gets rid of them for a little while, but then it starts all over again.

In the area where I thought I was awake I was typically with my wife, and then my youngest sister. I remember going to the bedroom in the house where I grew up, and the wallpaper was falling off the wall, but the dream bedroom is also much larger than the real bedroom where I grew up.

At this layer, where I thought I was awake, my body would start levitating, it was like I was being pulled ... like whatever was in that deepest dream layer kept pulling me, and I'd have to fight it.

This whole thing seemed to go on for hours ... I was aware of the two different levels, but in this higher level I wasn't aware that in this level I was still dreaming.

At some point to try to fight off the attackers in the lower level dream I decided to go from thinking "fire" to thinking "atomic bomb", and that set off a massive underground explosion to destroy whatever was pulling me down.


I was groggy all day yesterday, I left work early, but I was still way out of it, so I took a "short" nap, starting at 3:30pm, but then didn't wake up until 7:15pm. I was finally feeling a little better, less groggy. I also listened to the song from the movie "The Lake House", probably at least 10 times yesterday. Truth be told, that movie and the holidays probably have me bummed out.

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