Moving things with my mind, cool house design

November 22, 2008

Before that dream there's another one ... I'm using my mind to move certain things (using psychokinesis, or PK). I go to this bathroom on the second floor of this house, and as I'm going to the bathroom I look out the window , and I see this tree branch, and I think that I'd like to move that branch towards me, and I am able to do that.

This has to do with my wife's family, because as I'm looking out the window, I see all this crap out in the driveway, and I have the impression that it's all my crap, and I was too lazy or too tired to bring it all in, I just want to go to bed and deal with it in the morning, and I think "God, my father-in-law is going to be so upset that I left this stuff out there", and I try to move it all with my mind.

During that same dream, there's something where I go downstairs, I'm on the first floor, and I'm going to either open the door for my wife, or I just happen to be going to the front door while she's coming in. The front door is in a corner of the house, and there's a screened-in porch that wraps around the whole house. So when you walk in the front door you're in this screened-in area, and then you walk in through another door to get in the house, and I think "Wow, what a cool design".

One of our dogs (Rocky) is also in this dream, but I can't remember what he did.

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