Running, and not being able to fit through a passage way

November 22, 2008

Last dream of the morning ... at a small college, like the first one I went to. A recurring dream, I'm in an annex building, and there's a gym, and a girl's dorm, maybe both in one building ... I'm running (jogging) along, I walk out, and there's a towel around my waist, and I'm thinking I must be close to my destination, maybe my dorm room.

But in fact, I have a very long way to go, I just don't know it yet. I run up these stairs, and there are some girls, and they say "Oh, we're going to keep an eye on you", because they're all going to be in an area beneath me as I run.

So there's a bunch of that activity. I get lost in this building, and finally come down some stairs in another area. To get back to where I'm going, I have to run along the side of this long field. so I'm barefoot, and again all I have is this towel around my waist. So I'm holding that, and running and running.

The unusual thing about this in retrospect is that all the hairstyles are from the 70s. So I'm still running, and I'm still associating this with my first college, and I'm thinking about going back to school. So I think, well, I can go to this school for four years, my sister-in-law did it, it's just a matter of applying myself, I can learn anywhere.

As I'm running along, I come up to a man taking pictures of a woman. Then I realize the woman is naked on the ground, and she's doing all sorts of poses. She has light-brown skin, she's very pretty, and she's naked from the waist up.

Very pretty, but I don't stop, I just look over, and I think it's cool, but the woman is tired of the shoot, and tells the guy she wants to stop.

Either there, or a little later, I'm running along, and I come up to these circular things that look like ice pellets on the ground. They're the size and shape of thin mints, but they look like ice. Now I'm coming up to this group of people, and this guy says they are a life form in the ice, I have to let them get back in the water, and I need to stay on the key side of this structure.

I don't know that there's necessarily water on my left side, but I know I need to go to my right, the right side of all this. So going to the right, I come up to this building and this group of people. Nobody seems concerned that all I have on is this towel. All these people are going up these stairs, up to a very narrow passage, a narrow doorway, and all the stairs also have these ice things all over them, and they're very slippery. The stairs are wooden slats, and you can put your feet through them. When I get to the passage way I realize that I'm not going to fit through this passage.

Just before this, one of these guys is like Sylvester Stallone in a suit, but he's younger, and real fit, more fit than he was in the first Rocky movie. He goes through this passage way with a girl, and then I realize I won't fit.

Someone is also talking to this guy that owns this place, and apparently he got it for a real bargain, a great price, it was repossessed. Until this point I'm still thinking that this has to do with my first college, but now I'm thinking "Holy crap, this is a recurring dream", I've been here before, I've been stuck here before with this slippery ice, unable to get through the doorway.

I skipped a bunch of details ... at first I'm pretty sure I was in a gym, and somehow it morphed into this girl's dorm. The stairs here at the end with the slippery ice things, the slats are painted green ... with the crowd of people trying to get up the stairs, I remember thinking "Wow, I can't believe they haven't fixed this by now", and I know this is a recurring dream. And as I think of Stallone and some of the hairdos of the women, I realize this must be the 1970s.

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