Dreams of flying, a whale, and my niece

November 25, 2008

Wow, what an incredible series of dreams last night! After not being "allowed" to fly any more, last night I was set free.

In the first dream I started on an island with some other people, then realized I could fly -- and nobody was complaining about it. So I flew and flew, totally loving the feeling of this freedom, until finally I got tired, and decided to lay in the water for a while to rest.

When I woke up, I was laying right next to a whale! I looked at the whale, and it looked at me with a very large eye, then it started doing some simple maneuvers in the water next to me. It seemed like it was intentionally being gentle, just wanting to play, but then one move scared me, and I woke up.

After waking up for real later this morning I looked up pictures of the type of whale I was next to. I won't claim to know anything about whales, but this was clearly a humpback whale.

After waking up from this first dream, I went back to sleep, and proceeded to have a series of flying dreams. Besides waking up next to the whale, the next one was most interesting, because it involved me flying around the outside and inside of a large building that I perceived to be on an island. Inside the building I temporarily felt trapped in a room, and a man wanted to talk to me, but I was very nervous, so I worked in a bit of a panic until I found my way out of there.

At some point I connected with a young girl I perceived to be my niece, and she was trying to learn to fly, so I tried to help her. All of the dreams were an amazing experience, but this part was especially cool because I felt like a mentor to her.

Here are a few notes related to this series of dreams:

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