Dreams of a good friend, the sea, and a spouse

November 28, 2008

My dreams the last few nights have been all over the place, and I haven't bothered to record most of them. But here's a quick example of a long dream from this morning.

(start of the dream)

I'm one of two men that lived a very long time ago. We lived on or near an island, and several times we traveled together in a wooden boat, and had at least two near-fatal accidents in the sea/ocean. As far as I can tell we were good friends, and had been for quite some time.

At some point a woman began being with me, and I assumed she was my spouse. The other man did not have a spouse, but he continued to travel with me and now my spouse, and he seemed attracted to her as well.

The three of us seemed to do a lot of things together, when one day we discovered another group of people that were significantly more advanced than we were technically. We were amazed by what they had done, and they invited us in to see everything they had accomplished. From my mindset in the dream, their accomplishments were fantastic, far beyond anything I could imagine.

Towards the end of this long dream it seemed that my friend found a spouse or girlfriend, but shortly after this I woke up.

(end of the dream)

The amazing thing about this dream to me is that I fully adopt this other person's mindset, with no awareness of myself (Al) in the present time, and the advances of this other civilization just blow me away. I remember that until that point I think I'm on the top of the world, and then I meet these other people, and realize I'm truly nothing, insignificant, and I am at least a little intimidated by what they can do.

Now, what they can do is nothing compared to what we can do here in the 21st century, but in my dream life I have totally adopted this other person's mindset, so their use of tools (that are still not electric, or even manufactured) amazes me.

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