My magic deck of cards

November 29, 2008

Last night I had fun again with my "magic deck of cards". I refer to them as "magic" because every once in a while -- not often, maybe just once or twice a year -- I'm able to have an out of body experience (OBE) that I can control, and can accurately predict something about the cards. (You can search this site for "cards" to find other experiments.)

Last night I did the usual thing: I shuffled a deck of cards with my eyes closed, and keeping my eyes closed, I took one card from the top of the shuffled deck, turned it over, and placed it on the range in my kitchen. I set the deck down, turned around, and walked to the bedroom, opening my eyes only when I couldn't possibly see the card.

This morning, some time after 5 a.m., I woke up in my sleep, and realized my "second body" (or "astral body"), or "consciousness" as I call it, was floating out of my apartment, floating down the entrance and out the front door.

I don't know where my consciousness was headed, but as "I" gained control during this time, I thought "Wait, I've turned over a card in the kitchen, I need to see what the card is", and with that thought, my consciousness took a quick left turn, and drifted into the kitchen.

I tried to focus ... "I need to see the card, I need to see the card", I kept repeating. At first I saw a Two of Diamonds, and thought cool, this is it. Then I saw a Ten of Diamonds, then a red nine, and a queen. "Stop", I thought, "I just need to see one card -- just one!" But it was too late, some type of cosmic stream started, and I couldn't stop it, and after that, the cards kept flowing.

So I thought "Fine, I saw a Two of Diamonds, a Ten of Diamonds, a red nine (I couldn't discern the suit), then a queen (I couldn't remember the suit, as the full stream started just after this)." The friends I've met through the Monroe Institute tell me to go with my first impression, so I thought "Okay, Two of Diamonds it is".

Just a little while ago, around 8:30 a.m., I woke up for real, went to the bathroom, then walked into the kitchen, not knowing what to expect. In the kitchen, sitting face up, was the Ten of Diamonds. I stood there, not knowing exactly what to think. It's always a little freaky, and some part of me hoped to fail completely and see a dark card, anything I hadn't thought about at all.

After pausing for several moments, trying to decide if this was good or bad, I decided to pick up the rest of the deck. I flipped over the next card. It was the Two of Diamonds. The card after that was a queen, the Queen of Spades. After that, there was no relationship with the rest of the cards, or at least I saw so many other cards there was no way for me to remember what was next. I thought "Okay, fine, Ten of Diamonds was first, then the Two of Diamonds, so that was out of order. And what about the red nine?". At this point I turned the deck over, and the card on the bottom of the deck was the Nine of Hearts.

This experiment is always pretty cool, although it's also frustrating. I think it's the lack of specificity, that images come to me in some order, and the images themselves aren't actual cards, but some abstract version of cards.

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