Playing in a World Series game

November 29, 2008

I just got to relive a World Series baseball game in a dream, from the perspective of the shortstop. I'm not sure if I'm at that position the whole inning, but the first batter that comes up hits the ball down the left field line, and as he goes for it, he injures himself. He knocks the ball down, but he's really hurt himself. While he's on the ground he manages to throw the ball into the infield, and the runner runs into the third baseman and knocks him down. The runner is safe, but for some reason they tell him he has to go back to second.

I'm pretty sure Joe Morgan comes in to run for him, and he immediately steals third base on a close play. Or it was Joe Morgan, and now he's replaced by Pete Rose.

The next batter hits a ball to left-center field, the outfielder catches the ball, but temporarily forgets that there's a runner at third. The outfielder pauses, then realizes what he's done, and throws the ball home, but the runner is safe.

Something happens here, because there's a runner at first, and he tags and goes from first to second.

The ball is thrown around more than I expect it to be, but I'm not sure it matters, I'm thinking that the inning sort of ends right there. I do remember being the shortstop, and the ball is hit over my head, I know I can't get it ... I see the ball dropping out of the sky, and seeing the outfielder catch it, then pause, and then throw.

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