Dreams of remodeling a home

December 1, 2008

A long sequence of dreams. Started with me, my wife's father, and her grandfather. We get in a car, and we're leaving a very large house, not quite a mansion, but close. My father-in-law ends up driving, but the two of them end up arguing about it. My grandfather says that he can drive, and then I lean forward and say "No, that's okay, maybe next time." (My grandfather is 97 years old.)

The three of us drive to this house to look at it for some reason. There's a sunken area in the house -- intentionally sunken -- and we're walking around the house trying to figure out how we're going to remodel it.

Some time later my wife's whole family and a couple of other people are in the house. Kerry and Kenny get very impatient about unloading materials off of a truck. I can tell some of the wood is 3/4" plywood, and it's very heavy. We do get some things unloaded.

However, after a little while there is a fire, and my sister-in-law gets burned on her jeans and her left arm. Kenny's girlfriend has something to put out the fire, but she's more worried about the fire than she is about my sister-in-law. After the fire I can see the raw, exposed skin on her arm, and she's crying. I'm pouring water on the burn, and after a little while everything is okay.

I come out of that dream, and then have another dream later, and I'm driving by, and I see this house, and I walk around the back of it, and I think "Oh my god, this is the house we were going to work on."

As I'm looking at the house some people inside the house start waking up, and they invite me in. I look at the house, and it's a little different, and I end up with a different girl in this dream. My wife's family again shows up, and once again the discussions start about how to remodel the house.

Notes: After the first visit to the house there was a wedding, and I had to get dressed up, and I was feeling very uncomfortable about being dressed up. There was something about Mariah Carey going to be there. I have no idea where this stuff comes from some time.

Can you imagine if you could record the images and sounds from your dreams? That would be crazy/incredible.

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