Racing lawnmowers with my grandfather

December 1, 2008

Dream ... I'm on a golf course, racing lawnmowers with my wife's grandfather (in the real world he's 97). We get to a certain point, I don't know what the race is about, but I end up disabling his lawnmower, and leaving him in this area. I tell him that I'm sorry ... I race off ... but I leave him there ... as I've driven away, I end up thinking that I should send some help for him.

I have no idea what the race is about ... somehow he catches up, and he says something about death and a virus ... for some reason I'm thinking "computer virus", but as I'm laying in bed now, I'm thinking I need to send some help for him, I shouldn't have left him.

(Follow-up: Grandfather died about six weeks after this dream.)

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