Level 2 sex dream

December 3, 2008

I'll skip the details, but I had a multi-layered dream involving sex during the night. In my "dream" there was obviously the sex part. Then, as the dream went on I realized it was a dream and thought "Oh, I need to wake up." At that point I thought I "woke up", but instead just went from the Level 2 Dream Environment up to Level 1 Dream Environment. After a little while I realized I was still dreaming, then woke up for real from that.

Again, stuff like this I'm just recording for myself. I just want to have a record of various details like this here so I can try to look at the data here and see if I can find some kind of pattern over time, like "Oh, look, every 30 days I have multi-level dreams for 3-4 days, then they go away", that sort of thing.

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