I'm supposed to interview bin Laden

December 5, 2008

Dream: I'm not a super high-ranking person, but I have a chance to interview Osama bin Laden. He's being held somewhere, deep underground.

I'm sitting outside, on a deck, sitting with two other people, on some kind of wooden structure, a deck. And my rocking chair is making noise, it's squeaky. I hear a voice on a speaker, and it says "I can hear you."

We have a tv set on, and I think he also hears it. It's an old b&w movie, but I can't remember the name of it. It's funny too, I don't know anything about the movie. I think it has something to do with "eternity".

I'm sitting there with two people, and one of them is an older man, and he reminds me of my first boss (Frank). He asks me to hit the Guide button on the tv. When I do, he gets up and goes to the tv, and tells me what he likes about the Guide menu (on-screen), and what he doesn't like.

I'm not sure why I'm supposed to talk to bin Laden, other than some of my blood comes from the middle east, and they think that might help. They tell me he's on a hunger strike, and he looks pretty gross, and I need to be prepared for that.

Something about moving him to Cuba ... legal issues ... can they do this legally? As I'm sitting there eating, I'm thinking of how I can get him to talk to me. I'm thinking about the meaning of my name, and I'm thinking about using information I know about one of my grandfathers.

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