Starting a business a long time ago

December 5, 2008

A dream ... I'm in much older times, like the time/place when V for Vendetta starts, maybe a little older than that. I'm working with another person, trying to do whatever I need to do to get a business started. I know that during the whole time people are going to try to kill me.

During the whole time I know I'm out of place and time, and the person who is supposed to help me, there are two versions of him, alive at the same time. Right before I wake up he gets captured.

He seems to be good, there was a question of whether he was good or not, and right before he's captured he does something good. I'm guessing that I traded out the guy from the future for the guy from the past ... but I can't really remember it well enough.

I also don't know anything about the business I was trying to set up. I knew the whole thing was a setup, and we were working on working around the trap.

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