Dream of a conference call

December 8, 2008

Dream of a conference call while at work ... as we're waiting for someone in a conference call to show up, I realize that I've been having this recurring dream for two weeks, and this conference call each time. The room we're calling from is our work area, and we have an open office plan. I can't think of the guy's name, but he reminds me of Frazier.

The conference phone is crazy, it has some kind of picture attachment. We're sitting there yakking and yakking with this guy on the other end, and he asks what we've been up to. I told him I had to go to Vegas, and when I was there I had to go somewhere else, so I was out for three days.

In this dream and my previous dreams I really was out, and I could tell him exactly what I did, but I can't remember those details now.

The dream ends in shock ... the girl that I sit next to, I want to let the guy on the other end go, that's what I'm thinking, and that we're stalling ... I don't know where he is, I don't know if he's coming ... so I lean over and ask the girl "When is he going to be here?", and she asks "Who?", and I point to a dark office, implying whoever it is that's supposed to be in that office, like he's someone important.

As I'm pointing I suddenly realize that I'm in a dream, and it's a recurring dream, and I think "Holy shit", and I wake up from the dream.

Before I tell them about my trip to vegas I ask them if he's seen a Law & Order Criminal Intent episode, the one that was on last night. I was bs'ing, and he says he's seen the "blah blah blah" episode, and I say "Oh, that's a good one, and I also like the XYZ one".

I didn't lie to him about the trip to Vegas, I know I did it. I also know I've been on this conference call (dreaming about it) for the last several weeks.

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