A pub, fingers, and dead bodies

December 9, 2008

A long dream of living in a shared apt with my wife and some other people. We go to a local pub, I feel like this is in a small town, and this pub would serve the weirdest foods. You get the feeling that there's a certain "in" crowd, and when new people try to come in they are tormented for fun.

Near the end of the dream, there is something like 60 dead bodies buried on the property of this pub. Now I remember, one of the appetizers consisted of human fingers. The fingers are served on a platter, standing up ...

Where we lived, someone lived on the floor above us. Over time, we rented out more and more of our space. This isn't anything I would do in my waking life.

My wife was coming back to this place ... she's mostly dressed in red. She went off to a forested area, and started putting on some black, mesh stockings, and everything else was red. She looked like a devil. She said there was a party, and I have the impression it was a pool party. She says I can come. I feel like I'm not really invited, but I can be there as an observer.

I've had a dream something like this before ... I don't remember fingers as appetizers, but I do remember police digging holes in the front yard.

The whole thing was exposed when a new person moved into town. They had a broken window ... they needed some kind of maintenance help, couldn't get any help, and had to do something themselves ... I think that led to finding all these bodies.

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