Boys playing baseball, helicopter, and a snake

December 9, 2008

In an earlier dream ... I ran into a bunch of boys somewhere ... don't remember much ... I end up teaching them how to play baseball. They think they're hotshots, and I show them how bad they really suck. This leads into me coaching them.

Then local firefighter guys come over a building in helicopters ... they're drinking, fooling around, and doing dumb things ... I have a video camera, and I start recording them, and that infuriates them.

Also a dream ... we're walking down this road, carrying something heavy. This one guy veers off the trail, goes into a forest, and as I'm watching him, he's grabbing this snake ... he's not being careful ... he's staring at the face of this thing, but it's not a snake-face, it's long, like a lizard, with some things on the top of its head.

The guy ... kills this thing, I think he cuts it's head off ... some fluid is coming out, and the guy starts drinking it ... it's like a Mountain Dew color ... this guy was very thirsty, and somehow he knew that if he killed this thing he could quench his thirst with this thing.

Note: Drank Sangria and Absolut vodka last night. I've got to stop drinking ...

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