A family?

December 10, 2008

A long sequence of dreams this morning -- and I mean over four hours long -- about a girl/woman I've know for a long time. She comes to me and tells me that's she's pregnant, and says that she wants to marry me, and raise this baby (not my baby) as ours. She doesn't want the father to know about it, she just wants to tell everyone the baby is ours.

We end up sitting on the floor of my bedroom holding each other for a while, trying to decide what we should do. I do love her, and have loved her for a long time, so I'm very interested in this proposition, but I'm concerned about her reasoning. After a while we decide to turn on some music, and dance slowly together. She's smaller than I am, and we've never danced together before, but we manage to work it all out.

I may add more notes later, as my mother and sisters eventually get involved, but as usual, the weird thing is waking up back to this physical world feeling that I've lived this whole other life during the night. It really does affect how I start my day, and on this particular morning I am emotionally drained.

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