My world being shaken by a jackhammer

December 12, 2008

Notes from a "dream" this afternoon:

I started running a fever this morning at work, and finally left work just after 1 pm, and came home and went to bed. I had many dreams during this time, none of which I bothered to record, but one multi-layer dream was very interesting because of its ramifications.

In this "dream", I felt like I was having an out of body experience (OBE), and my consciousness had separated from my physical body. During this time my consciousness (second body, or energy body) moved down into mattress I was sleeping on. Just at that time the world around me started vibrating on and off like crazy, and I couldn't figure out what was going on. Believe me, these vibrations had my full attention, as they were shaking my environment like crazy, like someone with a jackhammer beating on the world around me.

After a few moments I was finally able to piece things together.

Let me supply you with a few "facts", and I'll let you draw your own conclusions from them. Fact #1 is that I use my cellphone as an alarm clock. Not only does it play music when the alarm goes off, but I always have the phone in vibrate mode when I go to bed, and when it vibrates, it vibrates in an on and off pattern. Second, a lot of times I don't get up the first time the alarm goes off. I hit the snooze button on the cellphone, and then usually end up laying around with the phone somewhere in the bed with me. Then when it goes off nine minutes later I usually have to dig around in bed to find it, and that takes a few moments. Third, for some strange reason (laziness) I've been sleeping on an air mattress for roughly the last year. I bought the mattress for a camping trip, and since then I've adopted it as my regular bed. (Hey, some people sleep on a water bed, what's the difference?)

Okay, I said I'd let you draw your own conclusions, and you're welcome to leave now and do that, but here's what I think might have happened: This was actually a time-distorted OBE, so when my second body came out of the physical body, I wasn't in what we like to think of as "the present moment". As it has happened many times before, I was in some other time, possibly this morning, maybe yesterday morning, who knows "when". But when I came out of the physical body and moved down into the mattress, I was either in the plastic layer of the air mattress, or in the air inside the mattress, and as the alarm on the phone was going off -- and the phone was vibrating on and off -- the world around me suddenly felt like it was being blasted by a jackhammer.

Well, hey, believe what you want. I was so out of it from not feeling well today that I won't argue with you. It could have been a dream, but my experience tells me that this is what really happened, I was just too groggy to be fully conscious during the process.

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