Chasing criminals with Goren

December 13, 2008

In a parking garage, some gang-bangers in an SUV take shots at me and some people I'm with. We get down, and the bullets go over our heads. The SUV has to go around us ... it's weird that they take shots from a position where they can't get away from us. At least two of us get in a car and ram them up against a a wall.

The one that rammed them was Detective Goren from CI. He rams them, everything stops, and apparently everyone gets out of the SUV and makes a run for it. We chase them all down, and go through a door, down and around this corner, which leads into this large, open facility, and there are at least half a dozen boys. We don't know if these are the kids that shot at us.

I have some kind of gun, but it's incredibly weak. When I shoot, the bullet goes very slow, and I can see the arc of the bullet, and it hits the target weakly.

Other: When we were chasing them, Goren was the first one down. If you went through this door off the parking lot, you had to go down and across to this flight of stairs, and he's looking around to see if the kids are in a position to shoot him, and he's looking to his left. He's on the bottom of the flight of stairs, and I come behind him and some other guy that has something like a broom. He's more in our way than anything.

As Goren is looking to his left, I'm looking up at a large mirror to see if I can see anyone. We run through the opening into the area where the boys were playing basketball.

These kids were all pretty clean cut. They didn't look like gangsters, they had nice clothes, no tattoos.

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