Dream of plastic in the future

December 13, 2008

Interesting dream about the future ... didn't last long ... I'm holding this thin piece of blue, I'll call it plastic, very lightweight ... about the weight and thickness of the plastic stuff when you're building models, like model planes or cars, but this is a single, solid piece, very thin, but it won't bend ...

I answered a few questions with something, and when I finish answering the questions, this plastic turns into something a little larger than an iPhone, like a large postcard, in terms of height and width. I just answered these questions, and it did this thing I thought of as burning itself, or converting itself.

Someone walked in, I perceived her to be like my wife but it wasn't her. She says there's a lady named Alison DuBois that is here, and she has some questions. I say "Alison DuBois, the lady from Medium?" The lady looks at me, and I tell her that's the lady's name from Medium. She walks over, and I hand her something, like a business card ...

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