Floating around at the local grocery

December 14, 2008

Working at the local Kroger, maybe at work ... I'm able to fly around very easily. I'm making a note that I can fly very easily ... I'm struggling to find something to write with I'm writing with something, but it won't write, it only leaves an indentation on the paper.

I'm wondering "Why do I always float at this level? Is this a natural altitude? Is it because of the weight of my second body, or something else?"

In the front of the store, Dennis is talking to me, and he wants me to come in first thing in the morning, and I think "Ok, as long as I can get a hotel tonight, no problem". It's snowing outside, and I start to realize things are wrong.

Before this, Dennis is giving Frank J. grief that he hasn't ironed his shirt, and it's like a 70s shirt.

I feel like I've had a dream like this before, flying in a Kroger, especially something to do with the back of the store, and Dennis also being there.

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