Jumping up and not coming down

December 15, 2008

A dream, I'm at some combination of Pegasus and Wauconda keeps coming to mind. Short story, I'm doing something there, it was going to take a while, and so I was going to go out and exercise while it was running. I needed a pair of tennis shoes, and they happen to have a pair there for me.

I go out and play basketball, and this weird thing happens. When I jump I don't come all the way back to the ground. This has happened in dreams before though. It's cool because being off the ground like this I can dunk easily, but the dribbling is weird, so the timing is weird.

The password for someone's computer (Phyllis) is something like "bucket_15" ... something also about "Because Danny said so". (Danny is a guy that owns the company.)

After I got the shoes, they were laughing at my shorts. They were blue, with white borders. I don't know why it was important that I went out to do this, but I think I was waiting on a tape drive.

Outside I'm laying on the ground, and Gary is walking and in a position above me, and I'm looking up at his back ... he's asking some people why I'm there.

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