Stalked by animals

December 19, 2008

Several bad dreams, but in this last one I'm inside a house working, a familiar house. I go to the back of the house, and there are four light switches, and I remember flipping on those lights.

I see a cougar outside ... somehow I go from being inside to suddenly being outside. Now I think "What the hell!", and there's also a lion outside. There's also a small cat outside, and the small cat goes running at the lion, screaming very loud, and I think it's trying to help or protect me.

There's a cage outside, so I go running into it, and something else is coming at me ... there's some wood out there, and I try to grab it to fight off this other animal ... I think that if I get in the cage, I'm just going to die, and the cage will only postpone it.

Before everything went so bad, I was in the house, working on a craft, or doing some maintenance work that was small, like a craft ... when I got the idea to turn on the lights, that's when everything started going south ...

More conscious now ... the animal wasn't a cougar, I think it was really a gray or dark-gray panther ... larger than what I think a cougar is.

Notes: Drank some wine last night, also went for a late walk.

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