NX and money, invisible at SBUX, being blind

December 21, 2008

Just finished an Northern Exposure (NX) dream, where at the end of the dream Holling ends up paying a guy. He gives the money to a young man that he works with. While the young man holds the money, the older man blesses the young man. He performs a ceremony, doing a cross, and the ashes on his forehead. By the end of the ceremony the young man has changed, he's covered in paint or ashes ...  he holds the money up, and blesses us, and thanks us for the money, holding the money in the air.

Just after that I'm sitting in a Starbucks, holding a cup of coffee. I set the coffee down on the table, turn around to get some stuff off the table behind me, and two Starbucks employees take my table and move it 10-15 feet away from me as they're re-arranging the furniture. It's like I'm not even there. I turn around and my table is gone, and now I wonder if anyone can see me.

Before this there is a dream about cousin Barb ... actually, it's more about me .. I'm blind, or pretending to be blind, and I believe Barb is the one that is working with me. She's showing me how to get around in an apartment or a house. We move from one room to another. I'm doing something like taking constant-size steps. The last thing I'm doing is moving with a pizza box in my hands, and moving through a couple of rooms. I remember being very proud about doing it right. (Note: I've seen Barb maybe twice in the last 20 years. I have no idea why she is in this dream.)

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