Thoughts from two Christmas movies

December 22, 2008

Two quick Christmas movie notes before the holiday comes and goes.

First, in a movie named Finding John Christmas, when I saw the house the mother lives in, I thought "Wow, I like this house." I don't think it had anything to do with the mother or the story -- or even Valerie Bertinelli for that matter. There's just something about that style house that attracts me. As I thought about it some more, I realized that when one of my dreams includes a house, I'm often in a house like this. If I ever decide to settle down and live in a real home again, I'd like to live in this style home. For some reason an older house like this feels like "home" to me (and I've never lived in a house like this).

In a second note, and a much lighter note, I currently have the movie The Family Man playing in the background, and the little girl that plays the character Annie makes this movie worthwhile. The part of the movie where she thinks Jack is an alien is priceless.

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