Building fire, cont'd

December 22, 2008

Second part of that dream, my wife, her father, and Kenny have gone to the downstairs part of this building. Upstairs I'm talking to the British guy (the one my wife dated some time before me). Somehow we can see the sky, there are two layers of clouds, and suddenly the lower layer goes flying by very fast.

I tell him about it, we look up there, and after a few moments there some kind of metal pieces flying through the air. This one piece slams through the roof of this tall building, not a skyscraper, but a building that is somewhere around two to five stories tall. In my mind it's a Hilton, with a bubbled roof. The metal slammed into that, and that building goes into a big fire very fast, and stuff is spewing out, and some of it hits our building.

I can tell we are having some hot spots, so I run downstairs and start yelling that there's a fire, but initially nobody believes me. The building is burning and I think it's going to burn down. We try to make a couple of runs through the building, I try to tell them they've got maybe one run to get their valuables.

I'm trying to get my laptop and a bag, I've got some personal things, my wife has some personal things. I didn't perceive that I had a lot there, but I did think my father-in-law has a lot there.

At one point my wife is running down the hall in front of us, and the right side of her hair catches fire. We're yelling at her to stop, she doesn't know about it, she finally gets it out and doesn't seem to be burned, but there was a heck of a fire on her head, and she would have had to lose some hair.

In the end, it's not that we don't make it out of the building, but we go back. A lot of the building is on fire, I try to open a door, but I can't open it against some pressure. We're trying to get some of my wife's things, including the letter from that guy, and a bunch of things for her dad. We're not out of the building, and I end up waking up. I don't think it's from the scariness of the dream, I think it's just from my stomach being upset.

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