Building fire, pictures of a friend

December 22, 2008

Two dreams. A dream about fire, two different types of fire. In the first part I'm at some kind of facility. My father-in-law is going to pay for Kenny and my wife to do some type of work on some type of building, whatever this is, to get them through the winter. My wife is talking about some guy she knew before me.

Getting to the fire part, some part of my laptop catches on fire, maybe a charging device. I closed the lid on my laptop, but it didn't turn off, so it overheats and starts on fire. I don't know about it immediately, I'm in the bathroom, and then everyone starts yelling at me that something is going on. I run down the hall, and sure enough its on fire.

I separate the devices, I get the laptop, I don't care about whatever the other thing is that's burning, it doesn't seem important, I just get it out of the way, and I get the fire out. I perceive it to be my laptop, but it's not, it's a much smaller device.

There's a closet in this facility, and I'm trying to let them know that the people I work with (Ed, etc) are particular about the dimensions and the shelving, so I try to warn them about that beforehand.

As far as the guy my wife is talking about, she knew him before, he'd written her some kind of letter, but his use of language was not very good, like he wasn't very smart. I thought he was British.

Before that, looking in this closet, there are pictures of a friend, dressed up in various outfits, posing. I want to call them borderline soft porn, but I don't think they were meant to be that.

This was a very confusing dream when you think about all these characters being in this building.

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