Bill, there's a message for you

January 1, 2009

I took a nap after driving to Virginia Beach today, and "woke up" in a dream in a lucid state. While laying there in complete silence and darkness, I tried to think of something to do or say. For some reason I finally thought, "If anyone has anything to say to Bill (a friend of mine), I'm open to your message."

Without a moment's hesitation, an enormous wave comes in from the ocean, goes over the top of the hotel, and fills my room with ocean water. (I was on the third floor, and I like to sleep with the door open.) I thought I was going to drown, but after a short delay the water receded, and I found myself in total silence again.

Then, being the smart person I am (read "smart aleck"), I asked if there was anything else. Next thing you know, here comes another huge wave that fills the room. This time I'm certain I will drown. After a very long period the water recedes again, and now I find myself standing in the parking lot in front of a large building with concrete stairs leading to the building entrance, a building which I perceive to be a shopping mall or perhaps a very large store.

I look around, but I can't figure out who anyone is, except for a skinny woman from work, who is being consoled by some friends because her husband has left her. So I decide that I've gotten whatever message I'm supposed to get for Bill, and I wake up.

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