A religion that isn't afraid of science

January 24, 2009

This is a pretty cool link: religious people who aren't afraid of science.

It's a pretty cool story. From January 20 through January 31, more than 30 Tibetan monks and a handful of nuns will be working with a team from San Francisco's Exploratorium to "build exotic machines to create patterns from sunlight using cardboard, dowels, reflective sheets of mylar and electronic components."

Here's a direct quote from the article that explains the origins of the experiment:

The project is the latest reflection of the monks' spiritual leader's fascination with science. In the Dalai Lama's 2005 book The Universe in a Single Atom, the Nobel peace laureate argued that science and spiritual inquiry have much to learn from one other.

I love this comment from one of the readers:

Religious people that are not only not afraid of science, but excited about it ~ that's amazing and wonderful!

For me this is something we need: a religion that isn't afraid of science, and what science may uncover. Religion that's afraid of science implies that there's something that needs to be hidden.

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