Lucid, erotic dream

January 27, 2009

After practicing yoga twice a day for roughly the last 10 days, and not indulging in energy-sappers like working overtime or indulging in alcohol, my lucid dreams returned with a series of erotic, lucid dreams this morning. (Not anything I planned, but I'm also not complaining.)

I've been sleeping on my couch the last week or two, and when I gained consciousness in this dream, I was still on a couch, but the surroundings were different. I'll skip the details, but the most important technical point was when the dream went from "lucid dream" to "wait, I can feel things in this dream", including a woman who came over and sat on me (jokingly) while I was laying on the couch. When she sat on me the physical sensation was perfectly real, as was her voice, along with other sounds in the dream. Later on another woman sat on the couch next to me, and when she did I could "feel" the couch sink in where she sat down.

As I've mentioned on this blog before, there are times when I can barely tell the difference between some of my dreams and physical reality, and suddenly that's what was happening here, my own personal holodeck, physical sensations included.

For the record, this dream occurred as I was laying on my left side, some time between five and six o'clock this morning, after someone making noise in the parking lot woke me up.

As usual, I'm blown away by this. If other people could experience this on a regular basis I think they'd spend less time at the movie theater, and more time doing things like yoga, meditation, and prepping for the dream state.

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