It’s hard to focus on details in dreams

March 13, 2009

I had a funny dream right as I was waking up this morning. Some people were doing things around me, and I had just shown them something about my surgically-repaired legs. After that I was reading a newspaper, and saw that the Chicago Bulls were off to a 6-0 start. For some reason this helped me gain consciousness/control in the dream, so then I tried harder to look at the paper, to see if I could figure out any names of the players, teams, or dates, but I couldn’t.

It’s funny, it’s easy to get certain impressions from dreams (like the Bulls starting 6-0), but whenever I really try to look hard at something, it becomes hard to focus on the details. It’s like the conscious mind gets in the way, because then I’m really thinking and tying to make something happen, instead of just going along for the ride and allowing myself to be a receiver of information.

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